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We believe in a world of equal rights and opportunities, where young people are active global citizens that embrace diversity with empathy and are ready to build an innovative, inclusive and sustainable future, today.
That’s why we work with the best international trainers and facilitators in order to provide high-quality training opportunities for youth, preparing them for the 21st century’s demand in skills, knowledge and attitudes.
We multiply our impact by training, consulting & coaching trainers, youth workers & purpose-driven entrepreneurs.


Experiential Learning

learning through experience, or more specifically, learning through reflection on doing

Global Education

awakening people to the realities of a globalised world in order to bring change

Project Based Learning

developing skills through the active exploration of real-world challenges and problems

Gamification of Learning

motivating people to learn by using games and game elements in learning environments


Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

how, not what to think

Life & Career Skills

thriving in globalised interdependence, inside out

Creativity & Innovation

out of the box and into the canvas of your future

Information, Media & Technology Literacy

mastering digitalisation

Young individual looking for upskilling/reskilling for the 21st century? ↑↑↑ ↓↓↓ Trainer/Youth Worker/Entrepreneur looking to engage your peers?

Gamification of Learning

playful capacity building

Event Gamification

engaging participation

Gamification of Workplace

productivity through happiness

App Gamification

inspiring motivation in edtech
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Skills for the 21st Century Experiential Learning Gamification of Learning Training for the Future Global Education Project Based Learning