“Gems of Youth Work” is a strategic partnership project in the field of youth that gathers stories from youth workers, trainers, youth organizations and young people. These “gems” are shared in the form of podcasts and graphic recordings in order to promote good practices and the value and recognition of international youth work.

I was interviewed for episode 16 of season 2 of the podcast. The description of the episode that features me reads “What are the elements and mechanisms of games, and how can we use them to spice up learning and youth work? What are the human needs for autonomy, relatedness, and mastery, and how can satisfying them give us intrinsic motivation and a feeling of being in the flow? Why do grades demotivate us, and why should we all have extra lives when it comes to tests? Our guest Antonis Triantafyllakis from Greece, draws from his experience of applying gamification to youth work and education and shares his insights.” I’d say it’s pretty spot on! Listen to my “gem” below.

The person interviewing me is my friend Marcus Vrecer, who is actually the one that inspired me to become a trainer for the very first time, back 12 years ago! And the incredible graphic recording of my interview is by Olalla González Domínguez.

More about “Gems of Youth Work” on the official website: shokkin.org/gems-of-youth-work/